Ludwigia Inclinata (Wow Red)

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This plant is amazing!!!! TODAY ONLY IT IS 50% OFF AS THIS WEEKS PLANT OF THE WEEK.   (they are a good 10 inches tall)

(It's 3.95- It's so wow and red it's worth a try)

If you are keeping any intermediate plants.... NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY THESE. They have NICE ROOTS and great growth!

This plant is another Ludwigia!!! Just like any ludwigia it's a more light demanding plant. Inclinata is a light demanding monster. THESE PLANTS ARE SIMPLY UNREAL....more bright red than almost anything we sell.

We do suggest Co2 Supplementation with this plant! (It will grow faster have brighter colors)

This plant likes a tad more iron and if you can provide some it will color up better.

You should expect the lower leaves of these to fall back... just plant it deeper

These Ludwigia, unlike our competitors are grown completely submerged (under water.)

Fertilizing this plant is also highly suggested. These guys are hard to keep and we are shipping you a healthy plant.   With less light they will grow more leggy and less red.

These guys are going for an easy price of $14.95, on sale now for 9.95!!!
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Rocky Naff
Beautiful Plant-Gorgeous Color

A great addition to our tank. Really complements the Cardinalis we have.


I ordered 2 of these and they are so pretty! No instructions on whether to remove the packaging around the roots or not. If it is supposed to be removed would be great to have a video/instructions showing how to do it as the roots were grown thru it. There are a lot of first time plant buyers who aren't sure what to do. I am one of them and I was told to take that off and most of the roots came off with it no matter how gentle I was because there weren't any instructions in the order. Took away 1 star for that. Hopefully it didn't kill the plants.

Bob Morrissey
awesome plant

Just got them today, they look great coming out of the box, have them in the tank but not in thire final postio, redoing the aquascape so let see how this works out

Daniel Butts
Wow red Ludwigia

Received in great condition. They look great!! I’ve never been disappointed with your plants.

Michael Alaia
Great Plants

All of my plants arrived in great shape with strong roots!