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Pumping Iron Makes you Stronger! And pumping Iron in your Planted Tank helps your plants get that sexy darker red and more lush greens!

I wanted to get this up on the site... I wouldn't put it up if I wasn't using it successfully in my 220. IRON IS AWESOME. If you have been watching my videos for any length of time you know i love IRON. It is a MICRO Nutrient- SO YOU DON'T Need a bunch of it. (over dosing Iron will cause cloudy water, algae and potentially kill your fish if you go too crazy. SO DON'T OVER DOSE!) Something more important than what Iron (Fe) is used for is how iron is absorbed by the plant. Iron can exist in a number of different energy states but basically it occurs most frequently as Fe3+ (ferric)this is useless to plants as they can’t absorb it, plants need iron as Fe2+ (ferrous), Iron occurs at this state in more acidic conditions therefore it might be an idea to keep your aquarium on the more acidic side if possible.

So what is iron used for? Well lots of things but the most important use is in the production of chlorophyll, now chlorophyll itself doesn’t contain iron but it can’t be made without it. If you need reminding what chlorophyll does, it basically helps a plant absorb energy from light. In short- Plants wouldn't grow without chlorophyll, and chlorophyll does better with IRON. SO GET SOME IRON. Directions. One good pump of iron is like 4ml. A 10 gallon tank only needs like 2ml of Iron every other day. (every tank is different but that's a good starting point) In a 55 I would start with one big 5ml squirt out of the gate every other day.

NOTE: DON'T OVER USE THIS STUFF!!!! Do your Squirt and put it away- out of reach of your childern. Don't complain to me that you pumped a bunch of Iron into your tank and the water got cloudy or you got algae. Micro nutrient= Micro amounts needed. Reddish plants love Iron- send me a message if you have questions about your setup and proper dosing to start. This is a 250 Ml bottle

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NOTE: I have labels made for this but not printed as its the day after Thanksgiving....I will mail you proper instructions. Also- This price reflects the added shipping cost as I do simple shipping. --if you want to get scientific. This is derived from diethylenetriamine pentaacetate 

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Customer Reviews

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everything came perfect :) i love it !!

Mark Zebro
Watch your dose!

I really can't give Iron a full honest review, but you guys asked for it! Right now I'm dealing with my first ever green water problem, a little pea soup on my hands. My and is fully cycled, and I'm about 1.5 months in. I'm going to self diagnose and say that I added TWO pumps of this iron and a few days later, I get the soup. I likely overdosed the iron, but also removed a large piece of driftwood which may have carried quite a bit of beneficial bacteria, so perhaps an overimbalance. Lookingforward to further updates in a few weeks! :)

Saysha Dewey

My only complaint is that the bottle spilled over when I added the pump. Not sure if iron is ok for skin but I haven’t died yet so all good there.

Nicholas Zietz
Dustin’s Iron

This is the one of the best iron solutions. Ever since I set-up my aquariums I’ve always had an iron deficiency. I love the look of aquarium plants but when the tips turn brown and they start wilting it takes away the clean look. I have used Api and Seachem, the outcome of Dustin’s Iron is cleaner and less tank maintenance. I would recommend and purchase again.


Plants do love it! Love to watch the perk up that happens, like me with coffee lol