Ludwigia Repens (Absolutely Stunning Aquarium Plant)

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Grown under water and NICE

(It would look great as a contrast to a Thin Jungle Val or Crypt 

Ludwigia Repens is awesome if you want a plant that doesn’t look like all of your other plants and is easy to grow, and looks great under a variety of conditions…..Ludwigia is that plant. Ludwigia Repens is the species I have kept the longest and it has brought me much joy over the year. I have been keeping it about 5 years and don’t ever intend on not having at least some of it around.
This plant has been grown above water! It is usually sunk for about 4 or 5 days before getting to you and usually starts to take on new roots down and up the stem before it melts it's old leaves and grows new ones! This process usually only takes about 2 weeks with these plants so you should see them bounce back twice as hard really quick!

It’s main attraction for me is its flexibility to a variety of water types, substrates and lighting. I have had it under bright lights (250 watts on 125g) Ludwigia takes a little while to get adjusted to your tank and might even loose all of its leaves, but it will come back. I have seen it come back from only a few leaves to be a thriving plant. The Ludwigia you are getting has been individually planted down into dirt and may or may not have rooted yet, but it is a much healthier plant because of this.

4-5 Stems or cuttings with roots of Ludiwigia Repens. NOTE: Ludwigia is one of the few plants that I hand wrap in paper and ship out. You won't be disappointed.

I've kept it in low light, (one single strip on a 75) and floating on the surface of a 75. It did well everywhere, obviously under better conditions it grew better, but it never really stopped growing regardless. Ludwigia Repens has been my gauge for how much iron to add to my tanks. When it is darker and purple underneath the iron is good, lighter, add more iron. It’s easy to cut and propagate. Typically if it is growing long and tall I’ll hack it where it’ll have a long stem to grow down into the substrate. This will make the plant fuller and look better. Although I keep it in my 40 high with only one strip and natural sunlight where it grows straight up and down, no side action… It also is great to break up an aquascape. The contrast of it with a long tall and skinny plant is great. I have kept it with swords, jungle val. Ect. This is a must have plant. It takes everything you throw at it, and grows well…

Care Scale of 1-10:

2 (grows better in good substrate or you can plant in plain gravel)

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Grows fine in low light, but will give you a more light green and taller look. Under better lighting and higher iron will grow much more RED.

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Customer Reviews

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Best plants I've gotten anywhere

I've been in this hobby since 1968. Things have changed tremendously over the years, and one of them has been finding aquarium plants. It used to be you could go to your local fish store and pick what you wanted out of their plant aquariums. Nowadays that's gone and the only choice for local shopping is plants packed in tubes out of water, with a very limited selection, tiny plants, and big prices. That leaves online shopping as the best way to find plants. That turned out to not be as easy as it might seem. After ordering from sellers on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, and all of the experiences turning out pretty poorly, I was beginning to think I'd never find a good source for great plants. But one day as I was using Pinterest and pinning some fish photos to my Freshwater Aquariums board, some photos of really nice-looking plants popped up. I followed the link and found Dustin's website. I liked what I saw and decided to get a few plants. They were shipped in a day and I got them a couple days later. These are stem plants like hornwort and Ludwigia. The bunches are good sized, both in height and number of stems. The clump of hornwort is best described as lush. The plants all look healthy and vibrant. They've been in one of my aquariums for a couple days now while I'm deciding how I want to plant them. There was minimal leaf drop from the shipping and not a sign of it since they've been in the tank. I'm delighted with my order and this is where I'll be getting my plants from now on. Also worth noting is the prices are very good and the shipping is reasonable. The only problem I foresee is I only have two aquarium and not enough room for too many more plants!

Description fits!

Just received my order yesterday, a day earlier than initially estimated. This plant is truly stunning. Had a good number of red leaves, I’d say about a third red, half green, and a few yellow leaves toward the bottom. Came wrapped with a rock that I soon discovered was necessary as it’s the only way I can get them to stay in the tank and now float! Most leaves were in great condition. I have these in high light so I’m hoping they get redder with time, but overall, these are beautiful!

great red plant

When I received this plant it was in excellent condition and I put it in my freshwater aquarium. It has given the aquarium such color. I always like ordering from Dustin because his aquarium plants are in such great condition and do great in my aquariums. After I retired I wanted an aquarium but I didn't know quite where to start. Poking around on youtube I came across Dustin and I learned about a dirted tank. I watched his videos and watched his education videos on youtube and now I am hooked and this is all due to Dustins great knowledge on dirted tanks. Thanks Dustin and tank on!!!!


I'll give the plants a 5 but the difficulty I had trying to get a response to my questions takes at least 2 away. I tried text, email, Facebook, anywhere I could find. Never got a response. This was 6 months ago.
The plants I've ordered multiple times are all doing great except for the one I'm reviewing. It turned green not red. I have high lighting, co2, fertilizer, and broke down and got your iron supplement. Still not red except for the leaves at the very top of the aquarium which have turned somewhat reddish.. Nothing like when it first arrived.
But it grows like fire so I still enjoy it.

Also got a batch of pests with this order, which was the main reason I was trying to reach a human for some answers. Yes I know about the bleach bath, and of course I didn't do it, but there were things I've never seen in addition to the snails.

It's over now, I've sorted it out, and I enjoy the snails. Just disappointed with the lack of customer service.

I'll definitely try again because the plants are great and I like the general purpose growth juice.


Wonderful service and amazing plants!!!