Anubias Minima "Variegated" (WOW Anubias)

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As if Anubias couldn't get any better. Here comes a Variegated Anubias Minima.

Generally speaking, the longer pointier leaf Anubias are a tad faster growing and hardier than the rounder varieties. Compound that with this sweet "marble" variegation and we have ourselves a WICKED Anubias.

This "marble" variegation is the result of selective propagation over time. Because of this we would advise you to error on the side of giving this plant a bit more care to keep this coloration.

Anubias Minima is one of the hardiest varieties of Anubias we stock. This Variegated Anubias Minima should be no exceptions.  A little more light for this variation should help keep this unique pattern.

Like all Anubis, this plants likes to be tied down to a rock or piece of driftwood.  It is also generally a slower growing plant, in such it likes a tad more water flow. 

We have found ALL ANUBIAS LOVES harder water. Don't over think this, but if you live some where with either soft water, or a water softener because you are on a well, you want to make sure you are aware of this. (One pound of crushed coral per 20 gallons of water typically fixes this.)

This plant and other anubias likes to be cut up or broken apart at the rhizome.  These plants come with nice roots in pots and will enjoy being spread out and tied or glued all over your tank.

On a scale of 1 to 10. This plant is a 2. The only reason it isn't a 1 is that we haven't figured out what is needed to enhance the yellowing variegation yet.


NOTE: As of 1/30/24 these plants are variegated, we have not had them long enough to know specifically what it needs to keep this sweet coloration. 

If you like this Anubias, check out our other Variegated Varieties: Anubias Barteri Var. Glabra and Anubias Nana Variegated!

Customer Reviews

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Holy cow this thing was so much larger/fuller than I expected! The variegation was pretty good, tad on the greener side but I’m sure that’ll resolve quickly with tons of light and the right conditions. Would order again!

michael turner
varigated anubia

well this one also has no varigation where is it

Evelynn Wadham

Not alot of varigation but I'm sure more will pop out. It was packaged well and adjusted well to my tank.

Great Plants

The plants arrived amazingly soon and in great shape. I received generous-sized plants and even an extra one! I tried some other sellers and I keep coming back. I just can't quit you, Dustin!

Easy beautiful plant

Plants arrived healthy and beautiful. I ordered on Tuesday and had my plants by Thursday. Added plans to a quarantine tank looking out for snails. And so far I have not seen one snail. Planning on using these Anubis as you would use a java fern on wood. I am so happy with my purchase.