Anubias barteri var. glabra "pinto" hybrid

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NOTE: As of 4/22/22 these plants look variegated. It is not guaranteed that they will stay this way, because they have been grown above water. We are currently converting them. 

There are some plants I just don't want to sell. 

I showed my Anubias loving friend Bryan this plant... his reply. "I want it all”

So I didn't put it on the site for while. I also wanted to make sure it would keep its great yellow colors. Well it did. SO here it is!

Check out Anubias Barteri var. glabra.

Why do they call it a Barteri when it looks like a thin leaf minima to me?  Not sure. 

Regardless this stuff is straight FIRE.

Hardy and FULL Portions. You will get ONE pot with enough anubias to break up into about three parts.

We have kept this plants under higher light conditions. (Hey- we have a greenhouse. life is good.)  

We have found this anubias like ALL Anubias likes a tad more waterflow.  DON'T Plant the rhizome down in the substrate or you might kill it.

Grab some. I am not sure how long these will last or if I can get them again.

Customer Reviews

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Beverly Weeks
Super cute

Anubias are my favorite tank plant and I was very excited to see a variegated variety. The plant arrived in GREAT condition, a very large portion, and insane roots. Mine isn’t as variegated as the pictures and videos, which the description clearly says. I’ll be getting all of my aquarium plants from Dustin’s in the future.

Michael Shrom

I reordered these. They are nice sized for small plants. The colors are great with lots of white but not enough to slow growth. This is one of my favorite cool water low light plants.

Roger Bell
Great looking

Beautiful little plant with great colors. Arrived in pristine condition

Mark Mackey
Nice addition

I have several types of Anubias and this is a nice addition. Plants came fast, healthy and beautiful

Jordan Sherman-Ratliff
Cool Plant

Nice pattern on it. Came in good condition