Anubias Nana "Variegated" "Pinto"

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What is better than the classic Anubias Nana? How about a "marbled" variety.

Check out Anubias Pinto.  This is super unique variety of Anubias developed over many year of selective propagation. This unique white "marbled" look is a lack of chlorophyl in the leaves.  This is completely random though out the plants, unlike fully green anubias types, no two of these plants look the same.  (We do our best to ship the wildest looking ones.)

Anubias Nana is a super hardy beginner plant, however with the variation we would classify this as an intermediate plant.  I would also recommend giving this plant higher light to keep the variegation going, under less light it could convert back to the all green form.

Like all Anubias, this plant is a bit of a slower grower, but because of the white marbling,  and lack of chlorophyl don't expect this to be a fast grower.

We HIGHLY recommend this and all anubias get some sort of addition calcium and magnesium. Don't over think this. One pound of crushed coral per 20 gallons of water will solve this for you and bring out the best in your Anubias Nana "Pinto"

On a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being it can grow in your toilet...

We give this Anubias Pinto a 4.   If you have above slightly above average lights, or are already keeping a bunch of anubias. Give this Anubias Pinto a go!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aaron / Jax Fraijo

We received the plants and they look beautiful.

David Iverson
Always the best from Dustin’s

This was a great plant to fill a hole in my tank. It’s unique nature being variegated was exactly what I was looking for.

Great plant!

Came in super green and full!

Madison R
Great plant

Plant arrived healthy and is doing great. Looks really good in the tank love the variegation.

As Pictured

I received a good amount and has stunning leaves.