The Jungle Series – The Amazon River, THE River (Part 2)

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The Jungle Series - The Amazon River, THE River (Part 2)

So when people are keeping fish they wanna know about the conditions they were in, what was it like where they came from. What was the water like, the vegetation. The PH. Ect, and guess what. We’ve got plenty of time to get into all of that, and we will. But that’s WAY TOO TINY, Too Micro.
I wanna go macro baby.
IT has Massive amounts of different plants
It has massive amounts of different species of amphibians, insects, and mammals.
It has MASSIVE Amounts of fish too.
I wanna talk about THE River today folks, because this is the JUNGLE SERIES!

You can’t begin to understand how huge it is. I was 2000 miles from the mouth of it. As I said before, my guide Devon said that he might have only seen 1% of the entire amazon, and he had been going there for 20 years.
Here is an over lay of the general size of the Amazon. You wanna good rough comparison about how big the Amazon really is? Take basically all of the land to the WEST OF our QUOTE “big river” TAKE ALL OF THAT LAND, Fill it with rivers that are as wide as the Mississippi and you are getting there.
Speaking of the Mississippi- You know how when you drive into New Orleans and its nothing but bridges and river delta? Yes- it like that over the entire thing. But it isn’t just massive in size. It’s of Massive importance. The AMAZON RIVER IS EVERYTHING. I would go as far as to say the AMAZON River has a SOUL. It is a being in and of itself. And you don’t mess with the Amazon River. It goes where it wants.
Look at how fast its moving. You saw the tree jam, in last weeks video. You aren’t gonna stop it. Its bigger than you. From a deeply spiritual level this is something I love about both nature and the Amazon. You don’t matter to the amazon. But it matters a ton to you if you live on it.
The amazon is of massive importance to the people of this region. Yeah, you see motor cars in Iquitos, but guess what, NOT A ONE OF THEM DROVE IN THERE ON A ROAD. ALL water. The River is the roads my friend.
Look I was on a massive boat. HUGE, like big and loud enough to signal to people that we were coming. But the Amazon owned us. Here’s where it gets fun…..
This is how people get around on it. This is a Put-put. You think people respect the river if you are. Here is a shot of 8 People in one of these. Next time I go, I am going to try and only travel in these to get an even better feel for it.
Cross this river in this boat homey- Let me know how it treats you.
This is Segundo uncle . He owns a nice plot of land along the river. He also makes his own rum. This is the shore of his property being washed awy.

Ya wanna see something cool? This is what the amazon looks like when “Agua Negro and Agua Blanco merge”
The amazon river is of massive importance to the people.
– They eat from it
– They bath in it
– They travel on it
– They make a living from it.
And oh yea- they pull a bunch of awesome fish outta it too.

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