The Jungle Series

The Jungle Series – Hatchet Fish (Part 4)

This amazon river fish collecting trip was awesome. This village was especially cool because a bunch of the people who lived there all ran out to meet us and were just super nice. I had fun with the kids chasing me around. Not to mention netting HATCHET FISH. Yep- I hope the blue can be […]

The Jungle Series – The People of the Jungle (Part 3)

So today in this part of the Jungle Series we are gonna talk about The PEOPLE OF THE JUNGLE. As I said in last weeks video, there is something special about the people of Iquitos and this region. I’ll reiterate that they are entirely surrounded by water. I was venture to say that a vast […]

The Jungle Series – The Amazon River, THE River (Part 2)

So when people are keeping fish they wanna know about the conditions they were in, what was it like where they came from. What was the water like, the vegetation. The PH. Ect, and guess what. We’ve got plenty of time to get into all of that, and we will. But that’s WAY TOO TINY, […]

The Jungle Series – Getting to the Amazon (Part 1)

Each week, I will be delivering various topics about my trip. From Snakes to trees, from Pink Dolphins to Peruvian food and of course, lots of different tropical fish but we are going to start today talking about Getting to Peru, the City of Iquitos and how to get to the jungle.The Country of Peru […]