Why + How to raise the KH in your garden pond and fishtanks

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So here’s the deal. I’m a cheap ass and I’m not wanting to buy chemicals for my pond. The trick is that all of the calcium will leach into the water, slowly raising the KH. So I don’t know the mix ratio yet but its worth toying with to figure out…

So what I did was to smack them up with a hammer. It was tougher then I thought it would be so I will have to think of a better way to get them mashed up. I am thinking there might be a way to just run them over with my car tires or something… I’ll get it.

I’ll post an update when I re-test. I’ll probably be adding more… but the pond funk looks to have slowed a little.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what KH is, it is the carbonated hardness of your water. This is important because it is the minerals and particles that are in your water. Your fish and plants need to absorb nutrients/ chemicals out of the water. Simply put, the KH is a measure of how much stuff is in you water. (good stuff)

A reason this is important is like with this pond with the bad slime algae problem. You see algae is a super simple life form, it’s barely a plant so to speak. So when your plants absorb all of the KH or particles out of the water they have nothing left to eat. Mean while, a simple organism like algae can go nuts because the plants can no longer compete. So you get a massive algae bloom, now that the plants are out of KH in the water.

SO raising KH helps “feed” the plants and fish. They grow healthy and out compete the algae because they have more “food” to grow bigger and faster then the algae

we’ll see! make comments ask questoins

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