Raising baby fish outside. Rainbow babies in back pond with my baby goldfish…Babies Baby ;)

Posted by Dustin Wunderlich on

So I took a bunch of the star grass out of my 220 in the basement and added it to the back pond. That is the only thing I can figure where these babies came from. None the less, I am excited. This is actually the 3rd year in a row that I’ve had baby rainbows back here, but this time when I bring them in I will only use water from the pond and SLOWLY raise the KH with tap water…..excited!

I think keeping baby rainbows with goldfish is working out pretty well. I wish i knew if the rainbows were going to be muts or not. I’m betting they are half boesmani. (and my male is a badass soo look out.) just hope he got wild with the female bose…

Sorry about the noise from the pond, I didn’t know it was that loud on tape

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