Vallisneria nana (Thin Val)

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I have said on multiple occasion that if something were to happen to me, please make sure that I have some Jungle Val thrown in my coffin to take with me to the after life... With that said, you can imagine how I feel about getting in some NEW Vallisneria nana.

Yep. This Val is coming in thin but gets tall. It hasn't melted back on my yet like val typically does. (That doesn't mean it won't when it shifts from my tanks to yours, but it hasn't melted on me yet)

Thin tall stems would make a great contrast as a background plants I am selling it in 6 stem portions for 11.95... I didn't get a bunch of it in and I don't know when will get it again. So grab some while you can.

As of 8-21- we have been working to grow out this plant in house..  It grows in a 8x12 foot basin under a shade cloth. (We tried it in FULL didn't like that.)

If you are looking for another type of val try our GIANT VAL. (It's MONSTER and we have been growing it in a 55 on top of one of our systems....its epic as well)

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