Giant Jungle Val (Vallisneria Americana) "Boss of Planted Tanks"

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So there is Jungle Val and then there is Vallisneria Americana

I don't get it in often but I have GIANT JUNGLE VAL in stock right now. 

As of  3-14-20 you will get a plug with multiple stems only about 6 inches tall as we haven't had grow season. THEY are THICK and THEY ARE healthy just not as tall as we typically offer. They are discounted accordingly.

You might get it with a redish tint to it.  That's what happens when you grow most val on the edge of too much light.... Hey- we are happy about it...and so is the plant :)

Read our reviews!

Currently it is about a half inch thick...but will grow in time to be about an inch across.

This is the good stuff. This is the Giant Stuff. Do you have a tall tank? Vallisneria Americana is your answer! Giant Jungle Val doesn't adapt quite as fast as the other varieties like contortion val or corkscrew. It has thicker leaves, which once they get rolling are going to need trimmed back. I am excited to be offering this plant as long as I get it. One order is 4 stems about a feet long with perhaps a few runners starting. (This is an easy to keep plant, that prefers a good substrate but I have seen it grown in sand)

This plant is THE Background plant for a HUGE Aquarium....

Don't forget the Growth Juice... Our hot selling fertilizer is how we keep our val from melting back too quickly....or at all.

(Make sure and check out our VAL Nana if you want the OPPOSITE of this plants...a Skinny Vallisneria)

We also have a Spiral "Val torta" worth checking out.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Giant val

Very healthy roots. Looks great in my tank.

Going to be sweet

They didn't come in looking all that great but Dustin hooked me up with extra!!!!
Thanks brother for being awesome been a big fan for a long time. can't wait to see them grow! Keep on tanking

Giant Jungle Vall

OMG these plant's roots are unbelievable, what a great service and PRICES. The best!!!

Huge bunch!

So pleased with my order of Jungle Val. The one bunch I received was enough to plant half the back of my 60 tall. Judging by the roots, I'm looking forward to great growth. Can't praise the generosity of Dustin and his team enough. Healthy plants, packed with care, delivered quickly and in wonderful condition.

Update to my review

ALL plants made it I can't believe I am already seeing some grow. I am using your juice and a good substrate and a plant LED. Dustin and team I just placed my third order. Dustin how about a multiple bottle discount on the Juice.

Hey Robert, Sorry about this... You ordered on the 30th and the mail doesn't run New Years day... and shipping the day after would have been even worse results with a guaranteed Sunday hold over... Here is where the damage happened.. January 8, 2020, 7:10 am Out for Delivery MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55428 January 8, 2020, 5:57 am Arrived at Post Office MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55429 January 7, 2020, 9:14 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility MINNEAPOLIS MN DISTRIBUTION CENTER (9 degree temps will plants even with a heatpack over night.) That said- If you send us a simple photo of the carnage of this order to we will rectify this. (You had a nice order and we want to keep you happy. THANKS and SORRY! D