Vallisneria Torta (Spiral Val)

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The goal is to have EVERY Type of Vallisneria growing in our greenhouse.  This Vallisneria Torta has brought us one step closer.

All Vallisneria makes a wonderful background plants. This Vallisneria is no exception!

Our experience has shown that the thicker the Val the slower the grower... or regrower.

(This can be seen with our big Daddy "Giant Jungle Val" (Vallisneria Americana) it grows thicker and takes a second longer to bounce back)

Vallisneria Torta is actually on the fast side for us with the speed in which it bounced back.

Like all Vallisnernia- it might melt back on you with a change in water conditions.  Not to worry, as this will only bounce back stronger....

Vallisneria Torta looks exactly like our regular Val, but it has a unique twist to it, literally!

We have found that an early heavy amount of liquid fertilizer will get your Val rolling quickly with less melting. 

If you see some rough tips, cut them about an inch below where they start.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being can grow in your toilet. 10 being impossible.  This would be a 1.5 only because it might melt back a tad.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful High quality plants!

The plants I received arrived quickly and were extremely pretty and healthy. This was my trial plant and I'm very much pleased. I will definitely be buying more!

Healthy, beautiful plant!

I love how this looks in my tank.
I highly recommend. Cant wait until it’s gets higher,
May order more to fill out my tank over time 😍

Worth the Wait

The plants arrived a little melted and quite hot but a good root system and snail free. I had to wait for these as everyone was out of stock. They're lovely. More than I expected so I gave some away. Happy customer.

Beautiful plants!!

My order arrived in superb condition!
I’m thrilled with the service provided!
Thank you!!

Spiral Val!!

Very excited to see this grow!! A very good sized healthy plant was delivered.