Tall Sagittaria

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NOTE: We pot this plant in house and it is the TALL VERSION of Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata. THESE ARE FIRE RIGHT NOW. They have been potted for two weeks with good roots.

Want an easy plant that sends off runners like crazy? This is the background plant for you.  Think of it like a Val only less likely to melt back. It's a beefier stem with thicker roots.   

This plant gets about a foot tall.  These are great potted portions done up by my man Joe. We use a tiny bit of dirt/soil, in the bottom off the pots and have found that helps them grow faster.  Yes we do recommend a nutrient rich substrate for this plant however it can grow in sand.... just not as quickly.

Care Scale of 1-10:

1.5 (grows better in good substrate or you can plant in plain gravel)


Grows fine in low light, but creates a carpet faster in higher light

Temps: Can handle pretty much anything from 65 to 85. Pretty amazingly easy plant.

Where to Plant:

Midground/Background. Plant the root structure directly into the substrate.

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Customer Reviews

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Brianna Button
Growing great

Gives a cool look to the back of my tank. Super tall and growing like crazy.

Excellent Size

These plants had huge root masses and have quickly transitioned to my tank. They have even begun to send out new runners. If you want good plants this is the place to buy them.

Terry Coulter
Still waiting

You mailed them to me on Monday. But they’re not expected until tomorrow to arrive.

Casey Yates
Tall grass

Grass came in package tall. For background foliage. Nothing discolored or wilted. Easy plant so far.

Don Mandeville
Plant purchases

I’ve ordered 2 separate orders so far and they have surpassed my expectations!!! Not to mention the few freebies that come with each order has been a pleasant surprise!!!!
I’ll keep ordering!!!