Small Exotic Amazon Sword- EASY Low Light Aquarium Plant

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These aren't your average Amazon Swords. We import swords from Asia and grow them with submerged growth from completely immersed growth. Every sword you get from here has personally been touched by my hands.

It could be a Deep Purple Sword, It may be a Deep Purple Muricatus sword. It could be a Jaguar, or it could be a Pointy could be a Marbled sword

We have pulled back it's Above Water Growth and already got it going towards a fully ready to rock for your aquarium plant. (This is a hard transition on the plants, but I have done the work for you :)


These guys aren't big, but they will get big. You may receive anything for 3 inches to 6 inches of sword.

Either way you are getting a hard to find and rare Amazon sword that's already grown with submerged growth for $5.95

NOTE: Inventory on these is light because many of them are still too small to sell. You can put a note if you prefer a certain type, but we can't promise anything.

PHOTOS ARE OF MULTIPLE PLANTS- This price is for ONE Exotic Sword.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Elizabeth Spade
I bought the wrong size plant.

I received my plants 2 days. They came healthy and I even got a couple extra ride alongs LOL. I did buy a pond plant but I do not have a pond it was my first time but it's beautiful I put it in my 40 gallon we'll see if it blooms?

Jodi Hovey
Love em

Came in great condition

Thomas Burrows

Better than local but not quite up to your standards. You have set a high bar of quality for yourself.

Amber C

Speedy delivery, still wet, no snails, great roots, slight bruising but I suspect it happened during transport and not by Dustin's mishandling.

**Horrible quality photo, I apologize.

Nancy Smith
Perfect as usual

Looked exactly like the photos, always nice healthy plants