Red Crypt Wendtii

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Proud to be bringing you yet another crypt species!!! A Red Crypt Wendtii! Much like it's two partners the Green Crypt Wendtii and the Bronze Crypt Wendtii it enjoys moderate light and a solid substrate for it's heavy root feeding ways.

We have been converting these to underwater growth so the one that shows up should be well on it's way to being completely converted! Versus the normal process of waiting for the conversion to take place in your own tank!

Difficulty: This plant runs well in most beginner tanks and doesn't require a lot of attention! Maybe not your FIRST plant but definitely your Fifth or Sixth!

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Capella
Red crypt wendtii SUPER

Got a big one w/ good roots and 3 much smaller in the clump I received.
One of my favorite plants period! Fingers crossed that my dirt pills nourish them in my gravel tanks.

A real beauty

Ive bought from Dustin twice now, and he doesn't disappoint! The red crypt is my first crypt ever and what I got was a really big one with 4 large leaves. I was expecting a much smaller size for my foreground but because of its size i had to move it back a little and the roots were great. The red burgundy color is really vivid on the underside of those leaves. Just a super beautiful plant.