Red Clay(Iron for your Roots!!)

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We sell Red Clay by the pound. You can add one pound of red clay to any planted tank substrate. One pound is enough for a 20 gallon aquarium. Ever tank is different, but if you want a general rule of green thumb, one pound per 20 gallons of water is a good amount. The clay is red and contains high amounts of Iron which is what your plants love. Plants absorb 40 to 400 times more iron through their roots. Pair this with our Alternathera Reineckii "Variegated" to see the full effect of this Clay!

By adding clay to your planted tank. You are feeding your plants where they are eating. You can see in my many videos how the roots grow toward the clay. Get your plants some clay, even if you aren't ready to convert to dirt, this way you can start to see the power that feeding your plants at their roots provides. Don't believe yet that plants LOVE CLAY? Check out how the roots of my plants grow into it in this video...

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Feed your plants where they eat! (Please note that this product is super heavy to ship so this price reflects the added shipping cost. The postal service raised shipping rates at the first of the year in 2013.)

Customer Reviews

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It's clay

It's clay, i put it in the the substrate and its doing what its supposed to do. i think.

april coble

Very easy and simple to place in bottom of tank to give plants the support they need.

Frank Davis
Ludwigia "Triple Red

The plant arrived in great condition, it was packaged well, I like the color red that it has..... I do plan on ordering again other plants.

First Plant - Sword Plant

The sword plant was packaged well and received quickly. A moist wrap and rocks were included to hold down the plant so it does not float in the small beta fish tank. It is looking good and I am trying to root it into some moss covering a fake hollow log. Recommend instructions include what to do with the rocks. I figured it out but still do not know what is in the small bag that came in the package.

Jordan Puckett
Clay was fine, no direction

I’ve only had the clay mixed into my dirt for a week, so no feedback on effectiveness yet. I will update. But the clay just came in a clear bag and I had to look up what to do with it. Dustin’s products usually give some description but this didn’t have anything.