Madagascar Lace Plant (Aponogeton madagascariensis)

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 2.21.23" is the BULB you will receive when you purchase a bulb.

These plants are 4-6 inches or taller. Not full grown but well on the way. Madagascar Lace plants are great for the more advanced hobbyist. We are proud to be offering such a unique plant as the Madagascar lace plant to you. The leaves with the natural holes in them are a striking plant in any aquarium.


WARNING- THIS PLANT WILL LOSE LEAVES IN SHIPPING. (They are fragile leaves and there is no way around this...but they will grow back quickly)

Check out the last pic for an Aponogeton flower!

Madagascar Lace Plants do take a little bit more skill to keep and require an excellent substrate to thrive. We can not recommend or advise purchasing a Madagascar Lace plant without dirt as your lower substrate. This plant needs lots of nutrients readily available at its roots, so extra precautions should be taken to make this happen. Once established in a tank with a great substrate, the Madagascar Lace Plant will thrive. I have had this plant for over 2 years now and it has taken over 1/2 of my 75 gallon tank. You have to be careful to make sure it doesn't over shadow plants under it.

I have kept Crypts and Anubias under it, no problem. When I ran CO2 if produced a white flower above my waterline which was killer. The Madagascar Lace plant is one you have to try and I throw it in with planted tank combos on occasion. I like it so much that I am working on making a T-Shirt with one up the side of it. Get a Madagascar Lace Plant today! (We don't always have them!)

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Customer Reviews

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Joaquin Hernandez
Great quality and beautiful plants!

The delivery was quick. The plants arrived in perfect condition and they exceeded my expectations. I got 3 Madagascar Laca plants with 3 to 5 inches the leaves. I will definitely buy more plants from Dustin's Fish Tanks.

Madagascar Lace bulb

Placed in tank and the next morning there were already signs of growth! 2 days later, there is a tiny nee leaf. Can’t wait to see how it grows.

James Ringo
Madagascar lace plant

Absolutely no melting bulb was a little on the small side. Happy with the way it looked

Andrew Platzner
Madagascar lace plant

Received as bulbs, after a week nothing sprouted, so I contacted them, they said give it a little more time. Finally a few days later one of the bulbs sprouted. I waited awhile for the other one but nothing.I contacted Austin's again and they gave me a credit towards my next order. So glad they made it right, good customer service is very important to me. They have awesome plants and knowledge, highly recommend!


This is the center piece in my aquarium. The lead was broken when I got it but I kept the pulp. It grew well past month. Already got 3 baby leaves!