Limnophila Aromaticoides "Hybrid Purple"

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Hey Folks,
This is Limnophila Aromaticoides. This is just a separate cultivar of the Limnophila Aromatica we carry. When this plant isn't being utilized as a treatment, used for cuts and wounds in the wild or for it's ridiculously long list of MEDICAL USES, it makes for an absolutely beautiful aquarium plant!

This is a rare plant. You don't find it just anywhere. This Thailand Native plant is also used for essential oils, one of the many reasons it has it's name Aromaticoides. 

Enough about all of the uses this thing has. Let's talk about how it's one of the prettiest plants I've seen. It's leaf coloration is so calming and pops with almost any other plant. It's beautiful but it's not easy to grow submerged. This is a super difficult plant. When it has high light it will produce beautiful red leaves with pink undersides all the way up the stalk. The bushier this guy gets, the more beautiful.

Your tank set up should be running a super intensive light, a hard water table (7.5 to 7.9 ph), and Co2 is highly suggested to promote it establishing itself quickly. 

This plants growth rate is moderate to slow. So keep that in mind. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Rare - I've never seen it available before. The portions I received were looked good and healthy. Waiting to see if I can grow this in my locale water.

Christine Blizzard

Arrived very brown spotted ,but I think it was because of the heat at there arrival time.

Michael Zulli
Fine on arrival

Plant arrived in good shape. Nice amount and good color.

Curtis St Martin
limnophila aromatica

Plants arrived in great shape solid stems and lots of color on the leaves.

it's growing

it's growing nice and green guess my water is to soft for it to turn purple but it is growing