Eustralis stellata

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Eustralis stellata

How about the most PURPLE plant I have ever sold?  Eustralis stellata folks. I would love to tell you this is an easy beginner plant. It is not. This plant is visibly demanding of more nutrients than your average plant.  (We recommend our Growth Juice Fertilizer in higher dosage for this plant)

Eustralis stellata also enjoys as much high light and perhaps CO2 as you can give it.  It isn't impossible to keep, but it certainly needs fed and knows what it wants.

You will get at least 5 stems in a portion. We recommend separating the stems for better growth.  This is a stunning background plant.

I don't typically carry these plants as they require more work on our part as well.

The Purple photos are what it looks like the day we got it in. You can see that lighter green is what it looks like as of 10-9-17. It has adapted well to good underwater growth!

YOU WON"T BE DISAPPOINTED with this plant.

Grab some Eustralis stellata and take the colors of your aquarium to the next level.


Eustralis stellata, this is the top of the plant and how it looks as we are selling it as of 10-9-17. The more Fertilizers, the more red/purple Eustralis stellata will get :)

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