Echinodorus Quadricostatus (FAST Foreground)

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This sword looks like they interbred some tenellus and some latifolius. It is a midground to foreground sword. They're eager growers, and have traditionally been very easy for us to maintain. 

THESE ARE CONVERTED AND LOOK LIKE MORE FULL PHOTOS with the lighter colors and more leaves.

Please consider buying an Iron Supplement! This plant can become Iron Deficient which will cause it's pale green color to fade. It will lose vibrancy without enough Iron. 

This plant will need a moderate lighting set-up for sure. Given above average light this plant will grow like it is on fire. (See Customers tank image)

It sends off runners like mad with decent substrate.

We LOVE this plant in house as it is a FAST converter and grower for us.... This is one of the EASIEST foreground plants we sell.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ryan Wetzel
Very nice.

Lots and lots of stems. Lots of good green growth. Already has some runners.

Sara R.
Great Quality

This is my second time buying plants online end it went far better than my first experience with a different shop. Every plant I bought arrived healthy with great leaves and roots. This plant in particular has already sent off a runner. Every plant I bought had little to no melting or dieback. I’ve already purchased my second round of plants!

Rich Koke
first time buyer

I have 11 fish tanks. I've ordered many plants in the past, this order was by far the best one I've ever received. The package in was very impressive .I feel the cold pack helped tremendously since I live in South Florida it gets very hot. I received the plans three days ago took your advice wash them putting me in my tank and they're doing beautiful. Thank you so much. Nice to finally find a plant store that knows how to deliver quality plants

Dara Gribi

Arrived healthy. Can’t wait to see this grow in.

Quentin Collins
Best plants

Nice plants with two extra plants ty D