Echinodorus Decumbens ( The Midground Aquarium Plant)

  • $8.95

Echinodorus Decumbens is and amazing Amazon Sword. Coming out of Brazil you know this plant enjoys warmer water. It's homeostasis being at 77 degrees puts this plant in a little warmer tank than your average Amazon Sword. 

This tank will get tall. The plant naturally droops it's leaves in it's submerged State. Note that these plants are on the verge of conversion and haven't fully converted to an underwater Plant yet

Decumbens is a Amazon Sword you don't want to miss out on. This plant prefers a moderate lighting set up and rich nutrient supply to adjust to it's rapid Plant Growth. 

Best placement for this plant is definitely the Midground. It won't detract from your Background plants and will almost definitely be an attention grabber in your aquascape. Use this plant to make your Background POP!

Limited supply in stock. Get them while you can! Tank On!!!!!