Crypt Wendtii Green (Classic forground aquarium plant)

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Crypt Wendtii Green or cryptocoryne wendtii green Pumped to have another Crypt Species available for you all. These are some great Crypts and will give you some nice lush color in your planted aquarium. We keep these crypts in a tank with sand as the substrate, along with our own blend of Aquatic Jungle's secret root fertilizers. Crypts love a nutient rich substrate and will thrive in a dirt aquarium. I do however know of many people who keep crypts just fine in plane old gravel. These are the same Crypts i had in my 220 Gallon tank. (They are the plant all the way to the right side in the front, over the black substrate.) A WORD OF CAUTION with these Crypts. CRYPTS MELT. This is a common occurrence with Crypts along with some other species.

Crypt Wendtii doesn't like to be moved around. The leaves on the Crypt Wendtii might fall off not long after you plant them. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL WITH CRYPTOCORYNE. It just happens. What you are going to want to look for is a tiny bit of new growth coming back up out of the center of the plants after a few days. These are the leaves you are looking for. They are the leaves that are more prepared for your tank. They are the leaves that are going to last longer. Crypts are considered a low light plant and like a little shade. These C. Wendtii will grow shorter and more compact under high light. Under less light they will grow a little longer and taller. I wouldn't add these plants to a tank that isn't already established with plants. I dirted or well fertilized tank would be ideal. If you want some lush green. Get some Crypt Wendtii Green. .

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Customer Reviews

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Courtney Simpson
Cute but bold

This is a nice plant with bold leaves. I'm prepared for the melt though. I had it sitting in water for a week before I got to plant and no leaves came off so that's promising!!! I also got Anubias petite and it's very nice
All of my plants came from this company and while I've had my problems sometimes with this company or plants, they make it right and the plants overall all seem to be doing well over the months. The big plant in the back is amazing it's called cherry something. It's just growing on out of the tank !

Daniel Cohen
nice plant

As with all the plants I have received from Dustine's, these were very nice.

todd h

Very healthy plants and roots, and packaged very well.
Super fast shipping too!

Jesse Coleman
Crypt Wendtti Green

Plants arrived very healthy with good roots and nice green leaves. Have not experienced any melt with them as crypts are known to do. Feeding with root tabs and Flourish. Easy to care for plants. Get ya some you won’t be disappointed.

Mark Scoggin

These little guys are the absolute perfect little or medium should I say plant for you foregrounds or midgrounds. Came in with perfect color and shape. Already are melting so I’m losing some leaves but I fully expect them to bounce back very quickly with the use of Dustins liquid products. If you’re looking for a neat little plant to break the front of your tank up. Then these are so fun.