Cryptocoryne Parva (short crypt)

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 3.28.23" are the plants that you will receive when you buy this plant. 

Cryptocoryne Parva is one of the easiest foreground plants you can find. It grows quick. Comes back from conversion to Submerged growth well. It's extremely hardy and easy. I would say it's as bulletproof as Crypt Spiralis. The Growth rate on this plant is fast and it will propagate for you in no time. Grab these while we have them.


A great Foreground Alternative to Dwarf Sag!

We also have a short Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Micro Sword) that would be comparable and a faster grower than this if you are going for a carpet

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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perfect foreground plant for my small 10 gallon tank

I was struggling to find a foreground plant that would be tiny enough to work for a 10 gallon betta tank with just sand at the bottom and kind of low light. I landed on this plant. It is currently in the melt phase but I can already see new growth starting. I cant wait to see if ferts and a better light make these plants take off.

Zac B
Cool little plant

I got 3 orders of crypt parva. The roots tried to grow into the foam, so just gotta be careful taking them out. These are bundled stems and can probably be pulled apart and planted to make a sparse carpet before growth starts. A few stems have melted back a bit (more stems than shown in the pictures), but many are still healthy. Not 100% sure but I think I'm seeing a little bit of new growth as well (but no spreading yet as its only been a few days). Dustin says these spread quick, and random searches say the exact opposite, but time shall tell.


I got the last 3 in stock. I ended up with quite a few plants as they were rolled in foam surrounding the roots. I had some trouble getting the foam off, and damaged the roots a little in the process. They were planted yesterday, so the verdict is still out on these. There's a little melt already, but that's not unusual for crypts. If 80% pull through it, I'll be happy. 3 bundles covered roughly a 4×6 area pretty densely with a little room to fill in if you're going for a carpet.

Emily Hardesty

These are such cute little plants! They're hard to get to stay down in my substrate, but they arrived green and healthy. I got about 7 itty bitty stems in my order of 1 plant.

Chloe Anderson
Great Little Crypt!

The Cryptocoryne parva I received came in a set of two, both of which were high quality with strong leaves and healthy roots! It has adjusted to the holding tank really well!