Crinum Calamistratum (Crazy Hardy Aquarium Plant)

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 3.24.23" are DUSTIN'S PICKS! You will receive one of the plants that are in the photos. You do not get to pick which one. 


A SMALL is under 5 inches with 5 or 6 leaves around an inch. The have decent stalk. (AS OF 2-24- they are BIGGER LIKE A MEDIUM!)

A Medium is between 5 and 7 inches with up to 10 leaves

A Large will have a thicker base and well over 10 leaves (and shouldn't be missed...

If you want a unique looking plant for contrast in your tank, Crinum Calamistratum is that plant. It has ridged kinda skinny ruffled leaves on it. I have kept this plant for a number of years and have even debated just keeping it alone all by its self. It does take a second to establish itself in the aquarium. Crinum Calamistratum might even have one inch sections on the tips of its leaves turn yellow in the move. Not to worry it will come back.

NOTE: This plant requires an excellent, nutrient rich substrate. (Dirt is what I keep it in) Don't try to keep Crinum Calamistratum in plain old gravel. Crinum is also a plant that responds directly to a huge water change. I swear I have almost watched them grow with a large water change. I love this plant, its so unique looking and always gets comments in my tank. If you have been keeping a planted tank successfully for a year or so. You should try out a Crinum Calamistratum

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Big healthy plant

I ordered a small and the plant was much bigger than expected. I placed orders with 3 stores to get what I wanted for a 280 gallon, and Dustin's plants were the biggest and healthiest by far.

Joy Fish
Freaking sweet Crinum Calamistratum

Hey I ordered the small Crinum Calamistratum because that's all that was available but it's a good size and one of the coolest looking aquatic plants in my opinion. I love it.

Daniel Baines
Great looking plants

This is the first time that I’ve ordered from Dustin. The plants came quickly and looked great. They’ve only been planted for a couple days so we’ll see how well they grow. I don’t expect any issues and I anticipate ordering additional plants from Dustin in the future.

Erica E
Always the best plants

Dustin always delivers with the best plants, safely packaged, and at a fair price. I’ve never tried a crinum before, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this grows out! I ordered two small crinum plants, and they came with a good number of long sturdy leaves. Very cool looking! Thanks again!

Better than I expected !

I ordered the small crinum cal because they were the only size available, I was expecting them to be tiny, they were very healthy and had many octopus looking tentacle leaves ! Pleasantly surprised !