Crinum Calamistratum

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If you want a unique looking plant for contrast in your tank, Crinum Calamistratum is that plant. It has ridged kinda skinny ruffled leaves on it. I have kept this plant for a number of years and have even debated just keeping it alone all by its self. It does take a second to establish itself in the aquarium. Crinum Calamistratum might even have one inch sections on the tips of its leaves turn yellow in the move. Not to worry it will come back.

NOTE: This plant requires an excellent, nutrient rich substrate. (Dirt is what I keep it in) Don't try to keep Crinum Calamistratum in plain old gravel. Crinum is also a plant that responds directly to a huge water change. I swear I have almost watched them grow with a large water change. I love this plant, its so unique looking and always gets comments in my tank. If you have been keeping a planted tank successfully for a year or so. You should try out a Crinum Calamistratum

As of 12-29- These are smaller, around 5 to 6 inches long. (but with plenty of new growth started at the center)



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