Can't Kill it Planted Combo

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Are you scared to death of buying the wrong thing?  Worried that you'll instantly kill whatever you buy? Fear not.  This "Can't Kill It" Planted Combo is for you.

Alright look- these plants are living things, they do have a chance of dying, but these are plant that are the hardiest we offer.  

If they aren't "Can't Kill Them" they certainly are "Hard to Kill them."

You are looking at this combo because you are worried about killing plants. 

We are going to PICK OUT 4 Hard to kill plants for you.

That's the deal,

"Do I get to pick the plants Dustin?" - The answer is NO.

We have a Greenhouse NOT a warehouse. We have pockets of different "Unkillable" Plants all over. We go and grab the best 1,2,3,4 -- 4 total plants

-HARDY Plants we have and send them to you.


You MIGHT GET ONE the following "Can't Kill Plants" listed below

--3 Leaves of Java Fern (A rugged background or driftwood tied plant) (Regularly $9.95)

- 1 Portion of Elodea Anacharis (Regularly 4.95 a portion)

- 1 Ball of Hornwort  (Regularly 4.95 for a massive clump)

-  One Anubias of some kind. (We have Petite, Nana, Barteri, Afezeli, Lancelot ect- All range from - 6-9$ you get ONE thrown in your order.

-- ONE Bacopa Yellow Flame (9.95 individually) and/or ONE Bacopa Moneri (7$ reg)

-- ONE Banana Plant (name should explain it all :)

AGAIN- You are getting 4 Plants in your order. We just listed off like 7.  YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK THE PLANTS. We are going to send you plants that WE PICK AND YOU GET A DEAL ON BECAUSE WE PICK.  (Everything is linked if you want an exact plant, but we don't promise specifics here in this "Can't kill it Plant combo


Customer Reviews

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John Weinmann

Everything came live and in great shape. Now in tanks. Would order again


They all can in super healthy and I even got an extra plant out of it! Thank you!


They arrived quickly and very healthy! Will definitely be buying from them again!

Jessica Schoen
Best value I've Found

DFT sent a variety of hardy plants--some possibly informed by my tank details I shared--and in a reasonable volume of plants for each variety. Most other bundles I've found only sell two or three tiny sprigs hastily bound and damaging the plant. These bundles had nice roots, making them easier to start growing in my tank. I got several plants made to withstand cichlids, so they should survive my angels' pushiness. They include the names of the varieties so you can review where to plant in your tank and what care looks like. Other bundles I've bought would just let you guess.
I will absolutely buy more here and recommend Dustin's to my fish friends. Thank you so much!!


After a couple bad experiences elsewhere, I’m extremely satisfied with Dustins. Will order again.