Bacopa caroliniana 'Yellow flame'

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Bacopa caroliniana "Yellow Flame" Want a hardy stem plant that will give you a nice contrast to your background, without all of the work of faster stem plants that need trimmed all of the time? Say hello to Bacopa!

This Bacopa caroliniana is call the "Yellow flame" variety as it has been produced through selective crossing to accent the yellow tips. Bacopa isn't your fastest growing plant, but this is because it is thicker than most stem plants. It's leaves almost feel rubbery to the touch.

NOTE: We have now had this plant in stock for over a month. You can see how the tips will give you that Redish- Yellow FLAME look under some decent lights.

In the summer we grow it outside where it gets a pinkish red on its tips. (It will take all of the light you can give it or NOT give it)

NOTE: We have also grown in COLD WATER. (It doesn't grow as quickly but still thrives!)

THIS IS A GREAT BEGINNER PLANT. It will take some time to get established but will make a nice addition to ANY Planted Tank. You are getting a bunch with 7-8 stems in it.

This will be one of your favorite plants!!! TRY IT

Looking for an Easier to keep Bacopa? Try Bacopa Monnieri

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Bacopa Yellow FLAME is a 2. (It takes a second to reestablish because of it's thicker stem)


Can handle super LOW LIGHT, but won't give you the "Yellow Flame" Tips with higher light.  (It will stay more pale green in lower light)

Where to Plant:

Bacopa is a Background Plant

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Very happy

Plants came quickly and in great condition. I'm so happy with them. Hopefully I can keep them as nice as they came.

Ivan Marin Perez
Healthy plants

They came well packaged, very healthy plants too and the color in them very unique. My nano tank look amazing, cant wait to see them grow

Chelsie Griffin
loving the color

This looks stunning in my tank

Just sand

I set up my tank with just sand at the bottom. I was worried about what I could possibly make grow in my sand bottom tank. This plant had new growth only 3 days after I planted it. It doesn't have the red tips, but it is clearly yellower and beautiful. My betta loves swimming through it. I want to get some of the regular green variety now to have some contrast. Thank you Dustin for giving me the confidence to even try by having the difficulty meter. Now I'm going to invest in a new light and plenty of ferts so I can get those reds out of it.

Melanie Amos

All of the plants I ordered exceeded expectations! They arrived in perfect condition, and were stunning. Whether or not I can keep them that way remains to be seen, but they definitely have a good starting point.