Baby Tears - Carpeting Foreground Plant

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Baby Tears is a rocking plant if given the right conditions. BABY TEARS IS NOT A BEGINNER PLANT. Baby tears is one of the plants that you get after you have had success with a dirted tank. NOT RIGHT AWAY. With that warning given, if you are looking for a killer foreground plant for your rocking dirted tank, give Baby Tears a shot. It takes it a second to get going but once it hits a dirt substrate it will start to rock.

I have found that it enjoys a slightly finer grade of substrate. Get 12-15 long stems of Baby Tears for $8 ( I personally cut it down into 1/3s and plant the smaller clumps. If we are uprooting this you might get shorter plants with more root mass. You can see the grow out tank we grow it in. Nothing fancy- Pool filter sand over dirt and good lighting, like our LED LIGHTS :) Killer plant for a dirted tank with slightly higher lights and a fine substrate.

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)
Difficulty: I give this a 3.5. Baby Tears needs good lighting and it needs nearly perfect conditions to get going really hard.

Lighting: Suggested High lighting and can handle Moderate lighting but will likely not grow quickly at all unless it is in a HIGH light set up.

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 Check Dwarf Sag for a super easy carpeting plant alternative.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great plants!

These have my tank come alive! So vibrant and full! I can't wait to see it grow and take over the bottom.

Nice looking plants

I was a little concerned about ordering plants when the temperature here in North Dakota has been below zero for highs, but the plants arrived nicely wrapped up and with the heat pack and look great. Thanks Dustin!!

4 Star Tears

I have never been able to keep these babies alive, hence all the tears lol. Really though , Since I upgraded my lights these tears have also shown growth overnight. They always died under low lighting for me! I can't wait to go mad from trimming jaja. This reminds me of when I used to blog on breeding of paradise fish. Many moons ago lmao. Awesome plant but can be hard to keep. I have high hopes this time.

Baby tears

Very cute little plants.

Awesome plants

I watch Dustin's videos about baby tears so I decided to order some since I was aquascaping my tank. These plants are so healthy and are growing so great in my tank. I look forward to receiving plants from Dustin because the quality is superior. Buy from Dustin and you won't be disappointed in the quality. Tank on!