Beginner Aquarium Plant Package

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So the 1st BPC (Beginner Planted Combo) was a hit....

2nd on will be a killer as well...



Here is combo #2. 

5 stems of Rotala Rotundifolia 

15 stems of Dwarf Sag

12 Nice Leaves of Crypt Spiralis.

1 Small Amazon Sword (which will get huge if well fed at its roots)

A DIGITAL copy of my Dirted Tank Guide (not a hard copy- a PDF...

All for $79.95

...I won't charge any extra for the fun you have.... Pics of small driftwood coming soon!

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Beginner Aquarium Plant Package. Customer Tank Customer Aquarium Over 1 month

"Checking back in! You can see my earlier review. I’m in love with these plants. I got them about a month ago and I’m going to post pictures of when I got them and now, one month later. Wow! Awesome!!"
-Andrew K. wrote a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review

Customer Reviews

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Scott Benton
Just got them this week...

And thy look amazing. I'm very happy with the way they were packaged. You can tell they take the extra time to make sure the plants arrive in good condition. The only complaint I have, and it's a small one, is none of the plats are labeled. But going through the site, it was easy enough to tell what was what. I'll definitely buy more in the future!

New order

I'm very happy with my order, got double what I expected. 5 stars

Patricia Pendley
An interesting and varied assortment of plants

My plants arrived in great shape. Being a novice to aquatic plants, I felt a little overwhelmed at first as I didn't know what any of them were. So I did an online search for each named species on my shipping information and spent a good bit of time matching each plant in my collection to the photos on my laptop. I kept most of them in a small one gallon tank until I had a better idea of where to plant them in my 20 gallon tank. I have them all installed now and I am very happy with the overall effect. My favorites of the eight plants in my collection were the Rotala Mexicana, Pointy swords and Red Pygmea Crypt. But all of the plants together make for a very satisfying landscape in my tank. And the fish like them so much better than the plastic stuff they had before. Thanks Y'all.

Rafael Angel LopezFerrer Sr.
They're beautiful!

Unpacked them upon arrival and they were in great condition. The packaging was top notch. I mean, Aluminized bubble mailer. Cold pack. Plants bagged airtight and wrapped in wet paper. And despite the long trip, they were in great condition. (I said that already, didn't I?) They are taking well to Father Fish substrate and the Hygger lamp above. Very nice.

One bone to pick with UPS though. Why did my package, which had an original arrival estimate of Friday, September 8th, had to sit the weekend in Vernon, CA (5 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles) until Monday the 11th? It sat at Vernon, marked as received at 4:54pm on Thursday the 7th. Some 23 hours and 10 minutes later, it was marked as received (again!) by the UPS Vernon folk. Could labeling the shipping boxes indicating "Live Aquatic Plants" improve their sense of urgency? Hmm... wait, then growers everywhere would have to label all those boxes of live Dubia roaches that reptile keepers love so much... should we dare?

Steven Sequeira
What the hell?!?

Thanks y’all, I have a new addiction.

First off, the shipping is excellent. I knew when my combo would arrive and it was like Christmas morning. Even the UPS guy was grinning when he saw me waiting on the porch. Everything was well packaged and sealed, the ice pack just barely hung on but it did its’ job.

You buy the $79 combo and you think it’ll be small because it has to be at that price point. WRONG. SO DAMN WRONG!

I thought it would be a small enough order to plant and move on but good golly it’s too much to even know where to start. So far I’ve just dropped everything in while I figure out how to place everything in a single tank so none of it goes to waste.

Also, I got a “Tank On” signature from Dustin and a sticker. I’m fangirling like a lifetime customer now, and my wife is talking me down from starting another tank just so I can plant it.

Thanks y’all! I’ll update in a few weeks.