Aponogeton Ulvaceus (A.K.A. Magic Bulbs)

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Aponogeton Ulvaceus Finally I have these great Aponogeton Ulvaceus up on here for sale. These Aponogeton Ulvaceus are super fast growing plants that will quickly get HUGE. I have been running them in my own personal 220.

These will be a short as 6 inches up to 10. We grow them out here from the bulbs.

While I have been keeping them and watching them just THRIVE in a dirted tank, I would imagine that they will still dominate in a non-dirted aquarium.

The plants I am selling are not full grown, BUT GET HUGE FAST. Some places call them "Magic Bulbs" If you want a Monster back ground plant, grab one of these Aponogeton Ulvaceus. Get an Apongeton Ulvaceus before they are GONE.

Take a look at our Aponogeton Boivinianus if you're looking for a sturdier leaf

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Difficulty: Appongeton Ulvaceus is easily a 2. It requires some solid care and space to show you what it's made of.

Lighting: Needs a Moderate Lighting set-up to truly pop and grow without the leaf suffering

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