Anubias Gigantea

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Get 3 or more awesome arrow head leaf anubias. You might get two plants with two leaves if they are smaller. It is with great pleasure that I welcome Anubias Gigantia to the family of Anubias for sale

This is a special one folks.

This Anubias has the much sought after pointed arrow-head leaves on it. From deep in the jungles near Macenta on a special request from yours truly.

Yes. They are super cool and unique looking. You simply don't see these awesome anubias around that much. I do have to say, while hardy, this is slightly more sensitive of an Anubias than what you might typically be used to.

If you are keeping some other anubias, you are probably good, however this plant does like a bit more space to thrive. It will thank you with new leaves in time coming up with the same shape.

Note: Expect for this plant to loose a leaf or two after a few weeks.

Look at the center of the plant, its sending up a new one to replace it. Water flow helps this plant and so does higher levels of iron .

Want something FREE to tie it down?

Put a note in your order comments and say, "Hey Dustin- throw me some wire for my Anubias." My guys will throw you some of the perfect thickness of rubber coated wire to tie these down to some driftwood or rocks, at no charge (we get slammed so make sure you put the comment :) If you like this one you'll like the look of this one too: Anubias Lancelot. Or get full African Combo here. 

Care Scale of 1-10 ( 1 it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Anubias Gigantia is a 5 only because it might melt a tad initially then comes right back


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in higher light

Where to plant:

Background, or tie it to a rock or driftwood (don't forget to request the FREE wire)

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