Africa Combo

  • $39.95
  • Save $10

What some awesome HARDY plants on the cheap?!?! This combo will not be around for long. I've been getting plants in left and right from Africa - yes- Straight from the source. (It's not as easy as it sounds...ask me about US Customs) My greenhouse is gushing with these plants right now. Why not get them out into your hands.

Here's what you get...

2 - Red Tiger Lotus Bulbs - (These take a second to sprout but we are trying to send ones that have a bud already started. We however can't promise yours will bud- but we aren't try to send duds either)

2 - Anubias Afzelii - This might be the most rugged plant I have ever sold. I have imported literally over 2000 of these plants. Read the reviews on the individual plant- They are loved by many. Shorter leaf with a red stem and can handle any abuse you want to give it. (only exception would be super soft water- which most anubias doesn't like anyway)

2 - Anubias Lanceolata- I said Afzelii might be most rugged. It might be a tie with its big brother, Anubias Lanceolata. This is a wider, taller leaf variety of Anubias.

2 - Crinum Thaianum- Yet another insanely hardy plant. These insanely hard to find plant (unless you are hanging with me here) is actually SUPER hardy. I've also had thousands of them imported and happily in customers hands. give your tank that tall background plant that, once established, will grow and need trimmed all the time.

2 - Crinum Natans. If you've seen any of my YT videos. THIS is the same species as the monster plant in my 220. This plant straight up HATES being moved, but that doesn't mean it dies, it just sits there and builds up strength to slowly become the coolest plant in your aquarium. Give it time to settle and enjoy.

Here's the bottom line- You are getting 5 different species- 10 TOTAL PLANTS for less for over 10 bucks less than if you were to buy them all individually. This deal won't be around forever. I am discounting these to make room for more plants. Grab an Africa Combo NOW while supplies last for only $39.95