Anubias Congensis (Background Aquarium Plant)

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They are killer!

Anubias Congensis is one of the tallest blade-like species of Anubias. With a beautiful dark lime green color and thick sword like leaves, Anubias Congensis is an outstanding plant for the mid or back ground of your tank. This may very well be the plant you’ve been lacking for the perfect tank. Standing taller than Anubias Minima, Congensis can reach heights of twelve to fourteen inches in a well lit tank. If your tank is not lit to well, that’s not a problem; Congensis will keep shorter leaves and grow slower in a dimmer tank. That being said beginners to experts can find success with this killer Anubias species. Each leaf that is produced points to the top of the tank and stays vertical at all times. Other Anubias species with blade-like leaves, such as Minima or Frazeri, usually keep the flat surface towards the light, Congensis will not. If you want a plant to fill in a dark spot in the tank or if you’re looking for a splash of brighter green in the tank, Congensis will make a great addition. Like other variants, Congensis can handle an array of water parameters; from slightly brackish with a high ph to softer water with ph of 7.0. Personally I have found that the roots of Congenis are thicker than most other Anubias species I have kept, which makes it more difficult to move them around the tank than a smaller plant like Nana. Once planted though, you will not be disappointed. No matter the lighting, substrate, or your level of knowledge in the aquarium hobby, Anubias Congensis is an easy to keep, hardy plant. I can't always get these different species of Anubias, if you are thinking about getting some kind of different Anubias, DO IT, cause I can't promise when I'll have them in stock again. Remember when planting Anubias to only plant the roots! Do not ever cover the rhizome of the plant!!!  

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Adrienne Koester

Buy it!

Stephen Kirby

Sorry, so far, I've not received it.
Getting a little concerned I won't get it at all.

Hey Stephen. Tracking shows on the way- Keep us posted if you don't get them

Edward T Feher Jr

Beautiful plants
Well rooted


Can I plant these without them dying in a Biocube 32 ph 7.5 driving to 7.0 hopefully in sand?

Andrew Raska
Plant review

Nice health looking plants. They were shorter than I expected. I did get the correct amount. Packaging was undamaged. Hope they have a long happy life in my aquarium.