Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact (Super Easy Low Light Foreground Aquarium Plant)

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Hygrophila Compact is an EASY low growing aquarium plant

It releases these gorgeous burgundy leaves from its tops that ruffle like Parawitota! It doesn't need a lot of light nor does it need heavy Co2 doses! This plant will run in most peoples tank really easily! This Hygrophila loves to shoot out side shoots and makes it easy to watch it flourish!

We have enjoyed watching this plant easily convert to below water growth with these almost "pom pom" like leaves along the stem.


ON a scale from 1 to 10 I rate this 3 on hard to keep scale! These plants were started above water but are now well on their way to growing well under water in your aquarium!

Outer leaves will melt in your tank and come back twice as hard!

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Try out Crypt Parva as a great foreground Substitute! Or give our Hygrophila Stricta a shot!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Compact Plantito

Well this plant is interesting but made me realize I would enjoy some instruction like a little diagram on how planting should take place. I feel he suffered the most but took the fight and is still winning. Looks good but my stupid thumbs broke a couple leaves. What do you fishy friends think?

Beautiful little plants

Got a nice bunch of about 8-9 nice little plants. Nice variety of sizes too. The stems are very sturdy and they’re the only plants out of all I got that can stay in the gravel without floating away (by pushing the gravel tightly up and around the stem). Lots of healthy looking roots coming out. Just got these about 2 days ago. They look great scattered about the tank as foreground plants.


Nice thick sturdy stems. Love the light green color leaves.

Great Looking Plant

The order went flawlessly and received quickly. When received, the plant was healthy and full. Unfortunately it lasted only about a month. I have a black water setup, it needed more light. I took a chance with the black water, Maybe with the next tank setup I’ll have better luck.

B A utiful!

7 Gorgeous plants !
No melt back and growing well.
Top notch shipping!