Eustralis Stellata "Very strong, very purple" WILD Aquarium Plant

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Eustralis stellata

How about the most PURPLE plant I have ever sold?  Eustralis stellata folks. I would love to tell you this is an easy beginner plant. It is not. This plant is visibly demanding of more nutrients than your average plant.  (We recommend our Growth Juice Fertilizer in higher dosage for this plant)

Eustralis stellata also enjoys as much high light and perhaps CO2 as you can give it.  It isn't impossible to keep, but it certainly needs fed and knows what it wants.

You will get at least 5 stems in a portion. We recommend separating the stems for better growth.  This is a stunning background plant.

I don't typically carry these plants as they require more work on our part as well.

The Purple photos are what it looks like the day we got it in. You can see that lighter green is what it looks like as of 10-9-17. It has adapted well to good underwater growth!

YOU WON"T BE DISAPPOINTED with this plant.

Grab some Eustralis stellata and take the colors of your aquarium to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to grow!

This plant is one that is easy to grow and a great addition to any tank looking to add a different texture and some hight. It's a fast grower depending on your conditions so be prepared to do some trimming if your tank is dialed in. Awesome plant!

Shit I got mines!!!!

I'm impressed!!!! Not so much with the smiley face Josh left me on my paper work.... jkjkjk naw I get it. Plants ain't gonna show up like on the website bright purple fat stems. Because they are propagation plants. That's my job to get them to that point and enjoy the ride! They are pink and purplish. Better then I thought they would be.. ty for the free limnophilia sessiflora!!! Now that needs some TLC but nonetheless I'm satisfied! #BettaBeGood deuces......

This is a demanding plant

lost most of its red color and still trying to get it back. it grows no problem but would love to get those colors back..

Very strong, very purple.

I had a slight hiccup in shipping (I live in a rural area). But plants arrived well packaged. With only slight melt. The stems are really strong on these plants. They are slightly green but they are quite purple next to my other plants. They definitely complement the Alternanthera reineckii. 5-8 stems quaintly attached to a little rock. You can see the overwhelming care put into these plants by their healthy-ness upon arrival (after spending days in a box). Thank you Dustin and the team for adding a lot of color to my 55s. My goodeids love it. Tank on!

No purple

It almost saddens me to write this review because I advocate for Dustin's plants to everyone I know ot talk to on fish groups, but I must say this purchase was really disappointing. The plant arrived slightly wilted with a few rotten stems (which it happens/ expected at times living in Florida and shipping in this heat) but this plant has ZERO purple, red, pink, or any color, but green... I put it in my high tech 75g and the wilted ones have turned around but this plant is green and only getting greener. Really wanted to add to my reds to stand out in my green jungle, but I guess this was not the right choice to do that.

Hey Channing. So first thank you for all of your support of our company. I don't really think giving us a 1 star review is fair however..... You have said, your aquarium is 'High tech' This is verbatim what you said, 'I have it in my high tech 75g. Co2, liquid fertz dosed weekly, iron dosed weekly, and 2 inch of sand capped with 2 inches of fluval stratum soil substrate. Fluval 3.0 lights. Is my current set up.' We have three reasons working together on why this plant isnt growing well for you. 1. The Fluval 3.0 is NOT a high light setup...medium at best. 2. You DOSE WEEKLY. This plant wants more than that. and 3. The Substrate is just SO SO. Additionally. I looked at the pic you had sent us. There WAS pink on the leaves..... maintaining that pink is another issue....which I just outlined above. We have this plant with pink all over it in the GH, but that's Using the SUN and lots more fertilizer...... I hope this helps YOU and anyone looking at buying some Eustralis Stella :)