Tri Color Lotus Nymphaea micrantha (Tri colour )

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STOP- This plant does not ship well.... You will get an extreemly healthy plant, but its paper thin leaves and stems do break.  It will grow back quickly.... just like a val would...


We have had these for like 3 weeks and are proud of them


Tri Color Lotus Nymphaea micrantha (Tri color ) I am always happy to be offering more Lotus to you all. I have been importing the Red Tiger Lotus from Africa for awhile now....but this is a new one. These are grown out Lotus which will have a Tri- color leaf on them.

While all lotus don't handle shipping that well, they quickly bounce back once settled in an aquarium These Tri-color lotus were grown with the leaves hitting the surface of the water. When you put them in your tank, you are going to want to cut that "Surface grown leaf" ONCE YOU SEE NEW GROWTH. (Not Until :) Tri- Color Lotus, like most lotus, they are heavy root feeders and will thrive in a dirted tank or a the minimum, substrate with good root tabs. I didn't get many of these in the import and only have a few in stock. Grab one while they last.

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Kelly fine
I'm hoping they make it.

I'm really excited about this plant, but unfortunately going through shipping it got steamed rolled by 2 of the growth juice containers(which I love!). They were pretty torn and alot of roots tore from the sponge . But I popped then right into the tank and fed the tank, so hopefully they will keep growing. I dropped one star becuase I think it could of packaged a little better since we know how shipping companies can place packages. Can't wait to order more plants! All of my first order starter plants are growing like crazy!

James Ingram
Beautiful plant

This lotus is probably the most beautiful out of all the lotus we can get in the trade. It came in great with no die off during shipping.

Can’t wait to watch this one grow

I have red tiger lotus but never a tri-color. I’m excited to see how it turns out! The Cherry Barbs are fans haha.

Joe H
Beautiful plant!

Can’t wait for this one to get going. It arrived in very good shape, leaves and stems in great condition nothing broken off.

Didn't work great for me, might for you

I had a really tough time with these. Got a few last spring, planted them in two tanks; medium light, one with sand substrate, the other Eco-Complete. Even with root tabs and a liquid fert, they've largely failed to thrive--of the 3 still-going, the best I get is a few small, dime sized leaves that rise about 1-2 inches off the substrate--not dying, sure, but just sort of hanging on. I've grown some big lotuses in the past, but these have stumped me. Dustin produces great stock and other reviewers have clearly had good results, so take my experience with a grain of salt.