Anubias Gigantea (the Ultimate Anubias)

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"If I could have any job in the world, what would it be?"  That's part of a personal mantra I say to myself every day...  

and one my favorite parts of my job is getting in plants like ANUBIAS GIGANTEA.

AS OF 6.1 we just got these. They have been in recovery mode. You might get a plant with a slightly discolored leaf or 2.  We will hook it up if they are blemished....these are the jam... give them time.   

They will be taller and the big leaves WILL MELT BACK.... Hang tight on this plant. BEST ANUBIAS FOR TROPICAL PONDS!

The plant comes from deep in the jungles of Guinea.  I have to translate French to get it. Half of the time I order it and I don't get it and my guy tells me, "He eat the money"  

Not this time.  Look Anubias is one of the most CLASSIC aquarium plants around. If you want a Bullet proof Anubias. Check out our Anubias Afzeli.   This is the champaign of Anubias.   Tribal Chiefs are paid to be allowed to collect this plant.  If Indiana Jones were into Anubias.... This would be the plant he would be searching for.   Yes Folks Anubias Giagantia is in stock.

Please note- having this plant is a total win for me personally. I have not had it in GH 2.0 until now.  It's all sprawled out in an 8 foot by 12 foot basin basking in the slightly shaded sunlight after its long trip over here.

IIs it in perfect shape right now? Heck NO.  How would or do you feel (or look) after a flight from Africa to Paris, from Paris to Atlanta? My babies are just getting settled in.

HOWEVER.  They are coming back nicely already.  I now have the perfect home for them.  I really don't care if I sell any of them...  Why?

This is a plant collectors plant. UNLIKE ALL OTHER ANUBIAS. Anubias Gigantia has an ARROW HEAD Leaf.  Yup- Its got style unlike any other Anubias around. 

But with it's style comes a tad more work. This is NOT the hardiest Anubias around. it will require a tad more light than most Anubias. Anubias Gigantia also likes a bit more space.   

It is my assumption that these plants were grown ABOVE water- which is not how we sell plants around here... but it is what it is. We are working on the conversion process. 

You should expect spots on these plants.  You should expect a leaf to turn yellow on you. IT'S GONNA HAPPEN. 

HOWEVER- UNLIKE ALL OTHER Anubias. I have found this plant to be the fastest healer. It tends to rapidly show off new growth. (Remember- we are watching the CENTER of the plant for new growth- NOT the top leaves)   The old bad growth will not get better so it is best to cut it once you see new growth. Cut the stem down at the base.

Slightly above average lighting- and a bit of our Growth Juice and you are rolling with Anubias Gigantia.....

You will get 3 or more awesome arrow head leaf anubias. You might get two plants with two leaves if they are smaller.

AGAIN Expect for this plant to loose a leaf or two after a few weeks.

Water flow helps this plant and so does higher levels of iron .

Want some FREE wire to tie it down?

Put a note in your order comments and say, "Hey Dustin- throw me some wire for my Anubias." My guys will throw you some of the perfect thickness of rubber coated wire to tie these down to some driftwood or rocks, at no charge (we get slammed so make sure you put the comment :) If you like this one you'll like the look of this one too: Anubias Lancelot. Or get full African Combo here. 

A SMALL will be under 6 inches

A MEDIUM to LARGE will be over 6 inches and could be massive!

Care Scale of 1-10 ( 1 it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Anubias Gigantia is a 5 only because it might melt a tad initially then comes right back


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in higher light

Where to plant:

Background, or tie it to a rock or driftwood (don't forget to request the FREE wire)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
sandra mills
Spectacular Anubias

Had never seen these for sale before
They showed looking great even after several days with temps in the 90’s
Glad we put in the ice pack
The rhizomes are super thick and healthy they may grow out of the top of my 55 gallon aquarium!
Super Cool!
Thanks for the extras!

Darwin cifuentes
Very nice anubias

Thank you Dustin my plants came in perfect conditions i already planted my anubias and they are growing i start seeing new leafs i will definitely order more plants thank you

James Stripe
Very Cool Anubias

I've kept a lot of anubias varieties over the years. After seeing the Gigantia on the website, I knew I had to try this one. Only nock is one stem was damaged (bend crack). It was the main stem with the gorgeous green and big, arrow head leaf. I'm confident the plant will bounce back with new growth though. Solid, healthy looking ryzome and great roots. Can't wait to watch this one mature.

Luis T
Great products, pricing and delivery

The selected Anubias are beautiful and healthy! They are in great shape upon arrival and I am in the West Coast - 4 days of shipping. I like these as they are mature, not like the smaller specimens I got elsewhere. I will definitely shop here again :) Thank you.

Marc Carignan
Healthy plants

I ordered 3 of the small Anubis’s and received 5 and I’ll tell you all had new growth at least 2 leaves. I’m just a couple days they doubled in numbers. Great plants can’t wait for them to fill in!! Thanks again!!