Banana Plant- Nymphoides aquatica- Easy Beginner Plant

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Banana Plants.

I remember seeing Banana plants in the random 10 gallon "Planted Tank" at Meijer's as a kid. It's I plant I bought as a child and didn't kill.

YES- Banana Plants are EASY to keep.  The "Bananas" are actually roots, storage centers for the plant.....and yes- they look like bananas.  This makes this plant ideal for a beginner or KIDS aquarium!  They won't kill it and get to show off the "bananas" in their tank.

This plant can handle LOW LIGHT. 

On a Scale of 1 to 10. 1 being you could grow it in your toilet and 10 being, "You look at it wrong and it dies"   THIS PLANT IS A 1.5

(And the only reason for the .5 is that the top upper Lily leaf might melt back but it will grow back a new one!)

Nymphoides aquatica is  It is known variously as the banana plant, banana lily, and the big floatingheart.   The "Nymph" part of its name signifies it's "Lily" type leaf.

If you like this plant make sure and check out our Red Tiger Lotus or "Dwarf Lily" as it is equally easy with a NICE RED LEAF.  The two in the same tank would make a nice contrast.

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Snyder
Best banana plants ever!

Usually I pay 15$ a plant but got them on special for 4$ a plant so not only was I ecstatic about the price, they arrived in perfect condition and I had no plant loss at all! Packaged and shipped beautifully. Dustins is my favorite place to order plants from!

Tracy C.
Came quick and packaged with love ❤️

Ordered Wednesday and arrived Friday. Well packaged with a heat pack. Plants look great! Always highly satisfied with all the plants I have ordered. Now I just need Miss Pleco to leave them alone until they root LOL!

Great Little Plant

This is my first Banana Plant. Arrived healthy and looks good. Looking forward to seeing how it does in our tanks.

M.T. Philadelphia
Banana plants

Arrived quickly and healthy. Thank you so much Dustin’s fish tanks.
Will be looking for the plants of the week.

Amit Merchant
Nice healthy plant

Healthy plant with lots of those banana roots