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Red Tiger Lotus are an amazing plant that I really just got into not all that long ago. I love the big red leaves and the unique shape of the plant. As with most red plants, with Red Tiger Lotus, you are going to want to make sure that they have substantial nutrients in their substrate. The better the substrate the better the Red Tiger Lotus will grow. I wouldn't advise trying to keep a Red Tiger Lotus without Dirt or some really substantial root fertilizer.

They say to cut it back so it grows better. I have never personally done this, but it isn't a bad idea for how to care for a red tiger lotus. The Red Tiger Lotus is from west Africa and just looks great as a contrast in you planted aquarium tank. You get so much of an interesting plant with such a great red that I really love this plant.

Red Tiger Lotus is totally a top ten favorite plant of mine.

NOTE: These plants are soo phat that I hand wrap them in wet paper so that they are delivered perfectly to you.

*We Do Not Guarantee the bulb will sprout*

We'd love to give you an alternative to this plant but there is no alternative to Red Tiger Lotus!

I don't do this will all plants, Ludwigia and Red Tiger Lotus mainly...

Care Scale of 1-10 ( 1 it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Red Tiger Lotus is a 3 (it will do better with good substrate)


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in higher light

Where to plant:

Background, or foreground if you keep trimming it down.

Check out regular Tiger Lotuses too! 

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Customer Reviews

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2 for 1

I have been looking for tiger lotus for awhile. And I saw you had them so I was excited. I’m always nervous when I buy bulbs because I never know if they are viable. So upon opening the bag I saw there was 2 bulbs. Which I was excited about an a complementary heat pack. Dustin does his customers right!!

Beautiful and healthy

The Red Tiger Lotus is very healthy even though it came in the middle of winter! It is starting to grow in my warm discus tank. It is one of my favorite aquarium plants of all times and you can't go wrong ordering anything from Dustin's. :)

Non receipt

This has not been delivered, today is feb 20, we have had lots of bad wether. Request status

Awesome plants!

Little expected melt back but came back in no time. Dustin people even included an extra bulb! Which is growing well. Thanks bro! Return customer for sure!


Bulb had good growth
We’ll see how it does after planting