Hardy Aquarium Plants

Hardy Aquarium Plants For Sale on Dustin's Fish Tanks. We've have all killed some plants. But it is probably because we were sold the wrong kinda plant. We carry HARDY FRESH WATER AQUARIUM PLANTS. We have many plants that are just plain hard to kill. That doesn't mean you can't kill them. Its just means that they are harder to kill. It has always been my belief that I should provide easy aquarium plants for beginners in the hobby. We carry specifically easy to grow aquarium plants for beginners to get off on the right foot. One of our main goals is to sell you hardy fresh water plants that are going to thrive in your tank. While not all of our plants are super hardy, most of them are. Besides, what good is it if you buy plants that come in half dead and are a waste of money? One of the hardest to kill plants we have are Amazon Swords. These aquarium plants can take a beating. Amazon Swords have a naturally hardy root structure and leaves that will grow back quickly. They are a classic plant that is a staple in the aquarium hobby. Like with most plants, you might buy it and all of the leaves wither off. (this is normal as they adjust) Don't worry Amazon Swords will grow right back. Jungle Val is another hard to kill plant. It isn't as hardy as amazon swords because it has naturally smaller stems and roots, but it is still a hard to kill aquarium plant. Jungle Val grows runners faster then any plant I know. I have seen it shoot runners all over a tank to get more light. I have kept Jungle Val in just sand with hardly any light on it. I've also changed its water from super cold to hot and all it did was melt and grow back stronger. Sagittaria is a hard to kill plant, just like Jungle Val. It is built the same way as Jungle Val, only it doesn't get as tall. Dwarf Sagittaria might even have a stronger stem and root structure than Val. It grows like grass in your planted tank if you have a good substrate. Java Fern is another hard to kill aquarium plant. You can let it almost entirely dry out and it will be ok. It has thick leaves and a hard rhizome. You can even keep it with Cichlids if you are brave. In the wild it grows out of the side of rocks with very little nutrients. Tie it to driftwood or a rock and roll on.... Java Fern is a great plant for almost any kind of aquarium setup. Anubias is super hardy plant. It is a thick, slow growing plant that can handle being kept in almost brackish water. It is sensitive to huge temperature changes, but will come back. It also hates RO water, but if you are a beginner, you aren't messing with RO so...People keep it with Cichlids but I don't recommend it. We stock as much Anubias as we can get our hands on- (thank Bryan for this, he loves Anubias, Species like Anubias Barteri, Anubias Nana, Anubias Minima and Anubias Congensis