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Liquid CO2 Plant Booster (Aquarium Plant Fertilizer)

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Give your Plants a CO2 Boosting. Want better looking plants quickly? I am pleased to announce my own Plant Booster Liquid CO2 as the next Fertilizer available from Dustin's Fish Tanks. Carbon Dioxide is something that EVERY Planted Aquarium could use more of. (People ask me constantly- Dude, do I need CO2?)

You certainly need some. Remember folks, - Plants breath the opposite of human. Humans breath in and use oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. YOUR Aquarium Plants do just the opposite. Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen. So give your plants what they want more of, Give them more CO2 This CO2 formula has been a blast to perfect and adjust in my own 220.

Even Steve came over and mentioned how much more lush everything looked---with out me telling him I had been squirting this stuff in my tank. I have been using it for a full month in my 220 and I am please to tell you that its rocks. The Red Tiger Lotus get these insane dark red spots on them. The Crypt Balansae have started to show some great darker colors around the lower parts as well... This stuff is totally worth trying out. With this, you aren't only getting the Liquid CO2 Boost. More Importantly, you are getting a FULL write up of how to properly use it to get some great plant growth.

Get a bottle and try it out. BUY some Liquid CO2 Boost! (NOTE- This price reflects the cost of shipping this product, post office raised shipping again)

CAUTION: This is not for tanks with sensitive fish, shrimp or anything that you are worried about being stressed. This bottle is 500 ML. (treat your 55 for three months) 5 ML will treat a 50 gallon tank ONCE A DAY. 1 pump for a 10 gallon daily 2 pumps for a 20 gallon daily 3 pumps for a 30 gallon daily 4 pumps for a 40 gallon daily 5 pumps for a 50 gallon daily 8 pumps for a 75 gallon daily 12-13 pumps for a 125 daily My 220 gets 20 pumps daily. 

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Customer Reviews

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Band Mom
Awesome Stuff!!

I never wanted to go the CO2 route with my tanks because of the bottles of gas. I just bought my second bottle of Dustin’s liquid CO2 and my plants look amazing!! My red plants are vivid and growing right out of my tanks. Plus it’s safe!! Try some!! You won’t regret it.

Can’t wait to see my plants thrive!

This stuff has excellent written instructions right on the bottle, including instructions for algae dosing which is a big reason why I bought it (dealing with the dreaded BBA). As recommended, I’m currently only dosing for my plants. Will give it a couple weeks before trying it out as an algicide, have to see if my hydrogen peroxide spray did the trick or not. I recently upgraded my light and bought a bunch of new plants, so I’m hoping this along with root tabs will help my tank thrive. I ordered this along with some plants, and after I placed my order I was regretting ordering a heavy item with delicate plants, but rest assured they package it so well that the bottle wasn’t rolling around in the box crushing the plants or anything. The box was tight enough to hold the bottle in place and my plants were packaged in bubble wrap, and the plants arrived in perfect condition.


Definitely made a difference!

Rex Herendeen
CO2 Booster

Keeps all my plants green and vigorous.

B Caudle
Nice addition to the ferts

Been using this along side Iron and Liquid CO2 from DFT. My plants are doing very well after one week of use. I can't say much on prolonged use yet, and am working on the correct dosing of my tank, but I am totally pleased with this purchase.