Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata (Easiest Foreground Plant)

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You have to try Sagittaria subulata more commonly known as Dwarf Sagittaria, especially if are just getting into the hobby. It is one of my favorite plants because it grows like crazy. It looks and grows like grass. Dwarf Sagittaria will keep growing and growing with runners on your tank.

It stays short and only gets about 3-5 inches tall so you can run it as a nice fore to mid ground plant. When I first got Dwarf Sagittaria I spread it out pretty thinly in a wide open space in my 125 gallon planted tank. It soon grew in full and started to head into other parts of the tank that I didn't exactly want it to grow into.

Dwarf Sag is one of my top 5 favorite aquarium plants. Anyone who wants a great hardy plant should give Dwarf Sagittaria or Dwarf Sag a try. 6-8 stems or more I usually have a ton of this so you gotta try it out…Great grower. 1st plant I did for Species Sunday. Its awesome.

Looking for a replacement for sag? Try Tenellus(Microsword)

NOTE: We are now pleased to carry the bigger beautiful cousin of this great plant.

Check out Saggitaria Teres (it gets purple under super high light) It looks cool with Dwarf Sag as well :)

Care Scale of 1-10:

1.5 (grows better in good substrate or you can plant in plain gravel)


Grows fine in low light, but creates a carpet faster in higher light

Temps: Can handle pretty much anything from 65 to 85. Pretty amazingly easy plant.

Where to Plant:

Foreground. Plant the root structure directly into the substrate.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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great root system

the plants arrived healthy the roots were like 2 inches long. i have had some melt back but hopefully they will come back strong with the good root system

David Larkins

Plants arrives super fast looking incredibly healthy. The reds I got were more vibrant than I've seen in store anywhere. The roots and stems were all very strong and this one kit was enough to plant my entire 14 gallon cube (although I have quite a bit of hardscape) Thanks for the amazing care and quality!

Denette King

Plants arrived healthy, and they look great. They even put in a few extra. I'll definitely buy more from this supplier.

Jessica Gumbert
Best plant retailer

The sag came fast and while it was a tad beat up and tangled up I fully believe it’ll recover and be at its best soon! Dustin’s plants have never let me down before and I doubt they’ll start now!

Gary Jones
Dwarf sag

My dwarf sag arrived healthy great roots,and generous portion. It hadn't even yellowed any. After a week getting a little growth.