Bacopa caroliniana 'Yellow flame'

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Bacopa caroliniana "Yellow Flame" Want a hardy stem plant that will give you a nice contrast to your background, without all of the work of faster stem plants that need trimmed all of the time? Say hello to Bacopa!

This Bacopa caroliniana is call the "Yellow flame" variety as it has been produced through selective crossing to accent the yellow tips. Bacopa isn't your fastest growing plant, but this is because it is thicker than most stem plants. It's leaves almost feel rubbery to the touch.

NOTE: We have now had this plant in stock for over a month. You can see how the tips will give you that Redish- Yellow FLAME look under some decent lights.

In the summer we grow it outside where it gets a pinkish red on its tips. (It will take all of the light you can give it or NOT give it)

NOTE: We have also grown in COLD WATER. (It doesn't grow as quickly but still thrives!)

THIS IS A GREAT BEGINNER PLANT. It will take some time to get established but will make a nice addition to ANY Planted Tank. You are getting a bunch with 7-8 stems in it.

This will be one of your favorite plants!!! TRY IT

Looking for an Easier to keep Bacopa? Try Bacopa Monnieri



Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Bacopa Yellow FLAME is a 2. (It takes a second to reestablish because of it's thicker stem)


Can handle super LOW LIGHT, but won't give you the "Yellow Flame" Tips with higher light.  (It will stay more pale green in lower light)

Where to Plant:

Bacopa is a Background Plant


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Christina Shealy
The gift that keeps on giving

So this plant was a part of an order of half a dozen plants. They were advertised as large plants and they were as advertised.

The real surprise was taking off the wrappers. What I thought was one giant stem was actually a very mature plant and I was easily able to get 4-5 divisions from EACH plant! All divisions were tall, robust, and had great coloring.

Lightning fast shipping. If you're looking for skimpy, half-dead plants so little you need a magnifying glass to see them.. you're at the wrong place.. I won't go anywhere else, seriously.

Dan Geary

Plants arrived today and look fantastic. They look even better in the tank. They were well packed and shipped fast. TYVM.

rebecca hernandez

Arrived beautiful and bright.
Color is fading so I need to figure out what’s going on

Bill Nigro
1st Purchase

Received several stems and all arrived happy and healthy. Packaging was excellent. The plants were relatively easy to place in my tank, but I'm still new at this so hopefully I can get them to thrive. This will be my new go-to site for any future plant purchases.

Amy Welander

These plants are beautiful. They came all green. There wasn’t the pop of color like I thought but I am a novice and am assuming once it gets established in the tank it will. They are pretty enough all green though so I’m not disappointed.