Anubias Lanceolata (Mega Hardy Background Plant) 5+ Huge leaves

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NOTE: The photos labeled "POTTED" is what the plant looks like that you will receive when you purchase the POTTED plant.


Nice BIG, Tall and Skinny Anubias Lanceolata! These are monsters well over 6-7 inches tall. We are selling 3-4 leaves on a rhizome for only $7.95. This is an awesome deal on a really great Anubias.

NOTE: These plants came in to us on 7.10. You might see a slight mark on a leaf here and there...They are still amazing plants. (see photos)

These have a great redish stem to them follow up by a nice thick green leaf. The leaves are 6 inches or more long. These Anubias Lanceolata are going to make your back ground POP. The nice thing with anubias is that it can handle the rougher plant eating cichlids. Grab some of these at the insane low price of only $7.95.

This is easily a 12 inch plant when grown out. Stock up. Check out Anubias Hastifolia and Anubias Gigantia if you like bigger anubias.

Difficulty: On a scale from 1-10. 1 being you can grow it in a toilet and 10 being impossible. I give the Lanceolata a 1. It's like most Anubias, Hardy and can handle the beginner life.

Lighting: Enjoys Moderate lighting but can do just fine in a low light set-up.

Want something FREE to Tie it down to your rocks or driftwood? Put a note in the comments on your order, "Hey Dustin- Throw me some of that thin black wire you have for this anubias." We will do our best to get it in there ;) If you like this one you'll like the look of this one too: Or get full African Combo here:

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Customer Reviews

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Shirley Amme

I ordered the anubias lanceolata, it was much taller than I expected thankfully it was for a tall tank. I received more than I expected 4 2 leaf stems with very healthy roots..

Kevin S.
Awesome background plant

Just finished putting a bunch of these in 60 cube. They came extremely healthy with established roots and leaves . Glued them to rocks and driftwood and they really look great. Sword like leaves with long thick red stems. Really eye catching . Two thumbs up to Dustin and his crew.

Anubias Lanceolota

Beautiful tall anubias with very big leaves! I got a very nice bunch and I'm very happy! Thanks to all at DFT!

Great plants

I received my plants on time and the Anubias lanceolata were great size. They were snail free and without algae and the elodea were the most full I have ever seen! Thanks you Dustin and team.

ralph funigiello
Anubias lanceolata

Got four good sized plants they are a little yellow but I'm sure a few days in my tanks will help them shine