VIDEO- Dirting and Scaping 45 Gallon Tank

Posted by Dustin Wunderlich on

Can someone pinch me? Am I dreaming?  Do I actually make a living doing this and have people watch it?  (I don’t make much of a living doings this…but it’s a start— thank you for your support!)

So I spent 3 hours over at Brian’s house (Not Guru, TV Tank-BrYan) busting out his 45 gallon. 

This was a good bit of fun for me. I was fortunate that he already had both soaked the dirt and had a pretty sick piece of driftwood to work with.  I just had to roll up my sleeves and get it rolling

I am glad I had him there to video it for me. Also- count how many times I say the words, “Mission Critical”  not sure why.







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