CO2 canister for my greenhouse tanks

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What’s up folks.

I wanted to share this video of what I am doing with the CO2 in my greenhouse.


CO2 is something that we are going to dive into more here in the coming weeks but I’d like to show this video both as an education into what kind of canisters to buy, but more importantly…..what happens when the CO2 goes away.

Everyone always wants MORE MORE MORE.  With CO2 you most certainly get way more growth, but you are also playing with something that can get out of BALANCE very quickly.

I have been told that my ability to make things EASY for people is my biggest strength with my YouTube Channel ect.

So let me make this EASY for you.


CO2 is tough.    Once you start running CO2 you aren’t just going to be running CO2. You are going to be running all kinds of fertilizers, working under increased lighting and ultimately running your tank at a much higher RPM.

(When you learn to drive a car, you stay in the parking lot awhile at 15 mph.  Things are a little different on the interstate at 65mph right?)

There are many people who have amazing tank with CO2, and we will get into how to do it. I just want this to be a warning to what happens when you start running CO2 and stop.

Currently I have even worse green soup water in my upper 75 than in the video…  Grant you this is running under full sunlight, but still, two days without a mountain of CO2 being added and its “swamp thing”

Did I mention that CO2 can also gas your fish?  (Ask me about the time I came down stairs to find 40 of the Boesmani Rainbow fish that I bred gasping at the top of the water.)

Anyway.  Take this as a cautionary note on CO2.

I will be getting into the use of pressurized  CO2 more and make it as easy as possible to understand.

Let me know if you are currently running CO2 or are thinking about it and we can start there.


Tank on!

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