Tips for Breeding Goldfish, Goldfish Spawning

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Goldfish spawning.

The Males are skinnier and longer looking. The females are short and plump. The males typically chase the females around aggressively. Trying to spawn them. The females spawn ready or not.

My experience has show a yield of currently 7+ goldfish.

I contribute it to these 5 Factors

1. My pond is planted as hell. There is so much cover that the baby fish have not only places to hide, but also a consistent supply of food to be constantly grazing on.

2. I was doing heavy water changes last year. Though I don’t recall having a pattern to it. I believe I did about 6 or more waterchanges. This most likely indicates them to spawn as it would in raining season.

3. The ponds plants make the males and females more calm because they aren’t constantly in front of each other. They can get away to other parts of the pond and relax, swim aimlessly

4. Temperature fluctuation, The pond is shallow and heats up and cools off fast. It also has lillies that cover the surface from direct sun.

5. I am constantly feeding them a meaty pellet. They are constantly countering it with the grazing they do all day long, otherwise I’d feed them different foods.

Any other tips that you have please let us know!

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