What's Up Fish Tank People?! T- Shirt

What's Up Fish Tank People?! T- Shirt

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"What's Up Fish Tank People!?!"

No Seriously- Say "What's up Fish Tank People?!" with these new "What's up Fish Tank People?!" T-Shirts. People simply gobbled them up at the Aquatic Experience. I had more printed because the demand was so strong.

As you can see by my picture, the T-Shirts says- "What's up Fish Tank People?!" on the front. ....the back? "Tank on!" -----What else would they say?! The Shirts are in White only with Blue letters. They are a 50/50 blend on a Gilden T-shirt, which basically means they aren't going to wear out on you. I have them M, XL and XXL. Get one and rock it like your tank wants you to!