Weeping Moss Versicularia daubenyana

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Weeping Moss Versicularia daubenyan

a Regular Java Moss is one of my best selling plants. Why not expand what has already been great for my customers.

Say Hello to WEEPING MOSS..... The only this sad about this moss is it's name. (and the fact that I can't always get it) This Weeping Moss is great for ANY TANK. It doesn't need a bunch of light to thrive, however the more light you give it, the faster it will grow. This Weeping moss for sale is growing in a tank that gets full sun for part of the day. We can almost watch it grow when the sun is out in full force. Great for Shrimp Tank or great to put on driftwood for that cool natural look. Get some weeping moss while it lasts.

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Larger portion than expected.

E. R.
Great moss!

The weeping moss arrived healthy in a heat pack warmed box. No hitchhiking snails or worms. No odd smell. Very satisfied. Was looking for weeping moss online and this site came up. I’ve seen Dustin’s videos on YouTube but didn’t know he sold plants. Great opportunity to support his business. Have more plants to buy soon and will get them here.

Glenda Kribel
Weeping moss

First time customer here. I've been looking for weeping moss and most businesses haven't carried it.
Dustin's had some so bought it and had it shipped despite the winter weather. An inexpensive heat pack was added to my order to minimize the risk of cold damage. I received a hefty amount of moss and it was healthy and beautiful 😍! I look forward to being a returning customer!


Always a good product from Dustin and crew.